Anna Laurinavichyute

Anna Laurinavichyute

Statistical consultant at SFB 1287 grant “Limits of variability in language”

University of Potsdam


I am a psycholinguist trying to discover the mechanisms people use to understand language, anything we hear or read. I am mostly interested in the shortcuts we use – when a sentence seems to make sense on the surface, sometimes we do not dig too deep and decide that we understand everything perfectly. Some errors and slips of the tongue are really difficult to notice, they seem absolutely fine, while the others jump out at you. I explore how and why, and under which circumstances, we switch superficial language processing on and off.

I’m also interested in quantifying reading skills and the factors affecting their development in different populations: monolingual children with and without dyslexia, L2 learners, and sign language speakers.

As a postdoc at Shravan Vasishth’s lab, I also work on such topics as reproducible statistical analyses and modeling, as well as teach data analysis at the Summer School on Statistical Methods for Linguistics and Psychology.

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  • Good-enough processing
  • Cognitive modeling
  • Research methodology
  • Open science
  • PhD in Cognitive Science (magna cum laude), 2021

    University of Potsdam

  • MSc in Data Science, 2020 – present

    University of Potsdam

  • Diploma in Linguistics, 2010

    Moscow State University

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